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In this section we will include comments of tourists to Swat.
If you have ever visited Swat and wants to include your comments here, please email them at <info@swatvalley.com>. 
In the following lines we have included a tourist, Khalil I.Kh. Habash, comments:

Khalil I.Kh. Habash says:
I am 64 years old Arab from Kuwait who traveled almost to allover the World. I have driven my caravan, with my wife and children to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Old Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Holland, Belgium, The Benelux, Germany and many East European countries, for eight times lived in USA for four years and visited Both American Continents. 
Toured Australia and most of Asians and African Countries.
I have visited Swat along with My family. After Mingora city, where we enjoyed its delicious honey, we had driven to Madyan. We spent many days watching its pure crystal water. Sitting on
the rocks and stretching our legs in the refreshing water. Wandering the running water mills. Then enjoying tasty Trout fish dishes prepared in herbs in Swatian style. When We reached Bahrain, not the Arabian Gulf one but the Swati one, standing on the bridge looking with mixed of different feelings at the roaring gushing waves of water striking against the large fallen rocks.

Spending many days in hospitable Hotels and Motels, so comfortable with royal service. Shopping for wood crafts. When we reached Kalam we decided to settle down, because we thought that we reached heavens on earth. The sort of peaceful, happy feeling of relaxation one experiences there, one does not to go back home . We used to visit Ushu enjoying snow covered hills in summer and gathering walnuts from the the trees. Alas! man was not satisfied to stay in heavens for ever and came down to Earth. Thus, we too still think of Swat as a very sweet dream.




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