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Fazal Rabbi Rahi

Fazal Rabbi Rahi is a prominent writer of the Swat Valley. He published more than 100 articles about the history and different  
Fazal Rabbi Rahi
locations of Swat for the tourists. He has published three books of history. He writes Urdu poetry particularly for the children. He is a columnist and has been writing in the different News papers now and then.
azal Rabbi Rahi belongs to Swat Valley. He got his early education at Mingora and did M.A in Urdu from Peshawar University. He remained an active member of literary 
student magazine "Eelum" for four years. He had started a magazine by the 
name of "Kohe  Sajan" from Swat which pubished in three different languages. He had also started a monthly magazine "Mahnama Swat".

He has a vital role in the development for the literature, journalism and tourism in Swat Valley.




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