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Interview with Khisro Ali Khan
President Swat Net Assocition and owner of First Internet Cafe.
By: Shakeel Ahmad

Mr. Khisro Ali Khan belongs to Aligrama. He is a talented “Intellectual Systems and Network Engineer". He is the owner of the first Internet Café in Swat, World Explorer Net Café, and president of Swat Net Association.
Phone No: (92-936) 720575-712388
Web site: www.khisro.com
e-mail: mail@khisro.com

How this idea came into your mind to establish first internet café in Swat?
Internet was not available in Swat. We have to go to big cities to use net or even to check our emails, of course all educated Swatians needed this facility, so as soon as the government announced the local accessibility of internet, I decided to start my own internet café. It was the need of the day for those Swatians, who haven’t got their own PC at home.

While starting this job, did you ever thought it might be risky or not feasible?
This was the first business of its kind, so I had no idea whether it will be profitable, As my major concern was to introduce information technology in Swat, I never thought of any profit or loss, having no experience I had a great loss of money in the early days.

What were the major problems that you faced in the initial days?
I faced a lot of problems and we still have problems. Lake of awareness and mishandling of systems by the net users often create problems. Besides that certain networking problems were unable to be solved here so we had to hire experts from other cities, which wasted our time and money. Low connectivity and ample of disconnection in early days, along with the mental stress and opposition of religious groups. Billing problems due to the absence of local authorized dealer, these were all problems, which I had faced, in the early days.

Are you satisfied with the present Internet service in Swat?
We have struggled a lot for the stability and improvement. Authorities do promise but no implementation. Although the quality of Internet service is improved yet I am not satisfied, because we often face problems.

Any regret or Are you satisfied to start this job?
In business point of view, its not my major source of income, but according to my ambitions, I am satisfied that youngsters have the chance to avail the internet facility and to communicate globally. So I have no regrets over my decision.

You are president of Swat Net Association, so tell us when and how SNA came into being?
We are facing a lot of problems which couldn’t be solved individually, there were no systematic and proper solution for our problems, we had no rules and regulations for net users, we had no proper tariff and there was no proper platform, where we could share and discuss our problems. Perhaps we needed proper representation of our business. So I decided to organize and strengthen café owners, so Swat Net Association came into being.

Any future planning?
To establish my own ISP is my dream, but it is very expensive project and I have no financial support. I want to establish a standard Institute of Technology for the advancement of IT, which has the opportunity for both male and female students to learn almost every aspect of IT.

Any suggestion regarding Internet Service in Swat?
Due to excessive use we must have our very own stable ISP in Swat. Although POL has their own ISP but their service is not satisfying yet. I suggest Paknet should establish their ISP in Swat.

Message for Swatins?
Swatians have to concentrate over education, we need awareness and self confidence and do follow the developed nations in the field of science and technology. We should be role model for our youngsters and play our role for the prosperity of our nation and our mother land.

Any support or encouragement?
I had no financial support or any guidance, I have visited different cafés in big cities and followed their style and hired expert from Peshawar. On the other hand I faced mental stress due the opposition of religious groups.

Tell us something about your personal life?
I am 35 years old by 2001, born and live in Aligrama Swat. I did my engineering in Intellectual Systems and Networks from Ukraine. I like to play football, read spiritual books, listen quality music and enjoy to go out on a long drive.



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