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The Charming Swat:
Abdul Qayum Balala unveils some facts about Swat and shows some of its cultural aspects. Click here to read
Swat Heaven for Tourists:
General information,
in Urdu language, about swat as its history and places to visit. Written by Fazle Rabbi Rahi. Click here to visit
Literature in Swat through years.
Ancient carving and embroidery in the valley of Swat.
Oh! My Charming Dale
Shamsher Ahmad praises Swat Valley in his poems. Read them here
Tourists Opinions:
What tourists says about Swat Valley, Click here to read
Picture Gallery:
Photographs showing the scenic beauty of Swat Valley. Click here to visit
Slide Show:
A Pictorial tour to the valley of Swat, click here to join

Map of Swat


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